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Just wanted to message you and let you know how much more freedom I have in my life, since we met, I'm so happy! I am eating now, when my body wants to eat, without a thousand questions! My head is so much quieter for it and it feels a real blessing. I barely ever think about calories or anything! I'm challenging my 'rules' everyday and then they are disappearing because I'm not engaging with them! I actually trust my body for the first time in what feels like forever! Thank you. The breakthrough session was so worth it!


When I started seeing you, I'm not sure I fully believed that recovery was possible. I'm so grateful that I was able to work with you. You have transformed my life. I never would have imagined I could have a life free from the tyranny of eating disorders - a life where a meal wouldn't feel like a trial, but I am living it. I know 'normality' is a fiction but my relationship with food now feels 'normal'. I still slip up occasionally but they are infrequent - I go for months at a time without the issue, to the point I forget what each day was like. I can't thank you enough for helping me to get better. I couldn't have recovered without you. Thank you for giving me the tools to set myself free.


'Harriet helped me to shine a light on the damage that years of dieting and bingeing had done to my relationship with food. She taught me to listen and respond to my body, rather than to live my life by meal plans, and to enjoy the foods I love instead of beating myself up and thinking 'I've blown it' every time I ate something forbidden. Most importantly, Harriet taught me to love and care for my body, to take time out for myself and to be happy in the moment, rather than in the future when I've met my goals. Now I'm able to lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle, but now it's because I actually want to and not because I 'should'.


'Seeing Harriet was extremely refreshing. I have seen other therapists/counsellors over the years, but never really got to the root of the problem. Harriet enabled me to face up to my fears and start tackling the root cause of the problem. Her approach was solution focused and task orientated and encouraged me to think deeply about what was affecting me and why and how I could start to solve my problems. Harriet’s approach is warm, friendly and caring. She encourages, but doesn’t force and is extremely flexible in adapting her services to meet your needs'.


'Thanks for giving me such a positive experience of therapy. I really appreciate your support'.


 'I have suffered with disordered eating for several years, and seeing Harriet has really helped inspire me with confidence and the strength to get better. The environment that Harriet provides is comfortable and welcoming'.


'I'm Becky's dad and I was the one that found you on the internet. It took a good while before I found you and suggested that Becky got in touch with you and a while longer before Becky plucked up the courage.
I would like to thank you for the help you have given my daughter. You have helped turn her life around.'
Many thanks.
Becky's Dad

John and Susan

I just wanted to write and thank you for helping our daughter. She seems so much more happier and gaining her confidence back.  She is enjoying her new job and striving forward.  John and I really appreciate the good work you do and will always be very grateful. I must admit I was really worried about her in August and finding you really helped us to know she was getting the right help she needed.  Thank you for sending the information to us before you met with her, we found this really useful and reassuring. I have also read some of your articles which has given me some insight.


'I recently did a 12 week program with Harriet.  I live in Australia so we used Skype, email and telephone which all worked fine.
I have had issues with my eating patterns for decades and have read many books and done some courses to try to improve things.  I had been following Harrier's blog for some time and really liked what she had to say so I decided to sign up for the course.   I am so glad that I did because I got so much from doing it.  I now have a greater understanding of there reasons why I overeat and lots of strategies to put in place when things go off the rails (or to prevent them going off the rails in the first place).  Harriet encouraged me to try different ways of doing some things and was always available to answer my questions. I am still a work in progress but I often return to the tools and reading material that Harriet provided me with when I need some help.  I also know that I can go back to do some more sessions with Harriet any time in the future.  I really feel that I have found the person who has, and can, help me overcome my issues with food'.


'I feel that the sessions made me aware of some possibilities about the reasons behind my unbalanced relationship with food.
I have found the resources extremely helpful and tailored to my situation. 
Harriet really "got me", I felt truly understood and more importantly I felt she knew how to help me.
Long term there I have learnt that wherever I experience deprivation, it will back fire on me, and this has proven to be true every time.
Harriet is very professional  and yet she is warm person to work with'.


'Thank you for helping me through one of the toughest times in my life. I never thought I'd enjoy therapy but you proved me wrong'.


'Thank you for all your advice and support last year. Things have generally been a whole lot better. I don’t binge very much any more (although I occasionally overeat/comfort eat) but it doesn’t distress me any more, as it is much, much less intense. This year is my “I’m going to try not to diet at all” year and so far so good! My weight is stable. All in all, I’m happier and healthier (in my mind and body) than I have been for many years - so thank you.'


'I am so grateful that I have found you. I know that without our sessions I would not be where I am today. I am really happy. I listen to your guidance and I try to apply it to my life, it has all been so worthwhile and positive. 

When I think back to when I met you, how frightened and desperate I felt to how I feel now is literally worlds apart...
I now have a deep belief and confidence that I will stay healthy and fit.. it is no longer feels fleeting. I don't need to grasp on tight through fear. And everyday my belief gets stronger that I can relax a little more without falling over. 
This has been the real transformation in my relationship with food. The losing weight part was the easy bit, after all I have done that lots of times over the years. This time, I finally realize that it is about so much more than being a size 8.. that's just the physical part. 
The missing link all this time has been my emotional relationship with food. I'm finally learning that food is not something that is useful to beat myself with or to use to distract my attention from the present with or to my dilute my emotions with. I am now starting to see food as fuel that nurtures me and it is OK for it to be eaten purely for pleasure as this is also good for my soul and well being. I don't have to control it as I'm afraid of it. I just need to be mindful that I know why I'm eating, that I'm enjoying what I'm eating and how much of it I am eating. I know it is more difficult to do this than it is to say it.. but I am going to keep practising it until it is second nature. And doesn't matter how long it takes I will crack it. 

Thank you for helping me see all of this, for helping me change my life.


'Thank you for the hard work you have put into our therapy sessions over the past few months. I have found the work we have done to be immensely beneficial and I think it has helped me put some major building blocks in place in my fight to overcome my eating problems. I especially drew a lot of hope and motivation from our session when we imagined a future with a life without this these issues. I find strength in that when I am struggling'.


'I had been a yo yo dieter for years and I never imagined that I could have a 'normal' relationship with food again. Working with Harriet has helped me break free of my old ways and I finally feel that I can enjoy food. I can now get on with living'.


'Our work together has enabled me for the first time to see food as food and not as something that takes over your life'.
Find peace with food and overcome disordered eating.