Inspiring you to find peace with food and your body image
Inspiring you to find peace with food and your body image

Are you ready for your breakthrough?

​Breakthrough day (offered face-to-face in Cambridge or London)

​Sometimes, a part of us wants to change but we don’t know how. We feel constantly frustrated that we are going around in circles on the hamster wheel; not knowing how to get off and exit.  Maybe you had some counselling before and that it hasn’t brought about the transformation you hoped for. Maybe you feel that you have a better understanding of your issues now; but you still repeat the same old patterns. You feel exasperated and you want change!

This is when a BREAKTHROUGH DAY might be exactly what you need. I will help you gain clarity of the root of the problem and then also work with you to generate active change.

The BREAKTHROUGH DAY is personalised to you, and might include: -

• Breaking the cycle of dieting and bingeing.
• Gaining freedom with food to enjoy your favourite foods without guilt or feeling out of control.
• Boosting self-esteem and confidence, enabling you to socialise and enjoy life.
• Understanding how to eat to achieve a slim but non-deprived body.
• Re-evaluating the past and processing this, allowing you to move on.
• Banishing your inner critic and developing a supportive, compassionate inner voice.

The breakthrough day is a one-to-one specialist three-hour assessment with Harriet to:

1. Help you understand your eating issues in depth, by exploring your past history; identifying trigger situations for the problem and recognising current influences that keep the problem going. Harriet will help you piece these parts together so that you have greater understanding, clarity and awareness about your eating problem.

2. Provide you with a road-map for going forward in addressing your issues. Harriet will provide you with tools, skills and strategies for doing this.

You will also receive your own personalised Rethinkyourbody resource treatment handbook to take away so you can continue with your progress.

Prior to the day, you will have a 40 minute phone call with Harriet to lay the groundwork for the breakthrough and to identify key areas to focus on.The breakthrough will be followed up with a letter from Harriet, summarising the details of the learning, with specific recommendations for treatment, support and reading.

Please get in touch for more information or to book your breakthrough session today.
Inspiring you to find peace with food and your body image