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The celebrity food diary
by Harriet Frew on May 13th, 2014

An increasingly popular trend on lifestyle websites and in magazines is getting a celeb; film star or tv personality to write about their meal plan for the day. Of course these often promote significant interest and enticement. We get to have a snippet of magic skinny dust thrown our way by reading about how someone in the spotlight has that killer body! Recently, I have noticed a trend towards something like the following: -
1 egg white on plate of spinach; 6 almonds; large salad with small piece salmon and roasted vegetables; 1 apple; small pot hummus and cucumber sticks; chicken; vegetables; 2 squares dark chocolate; 6 glasses water; 1 cappuccino.
For the record, I try not to read this stuff very often as I know it is actually very triggering for food obsession and stimulating unhelpful thinking about eating. However, if I do I read them, I often re-read them again and think ‘well, where’s the carbs? You exist on this? And I wonder what your relationship with food is like?’
Magazines and websites present glossy articles alongside the diary promoting this kind of eating as normal and healthy; to be emulated. Eating plans are pictured beautifully beside and very much under the umbrella of health and wellbeing. It is common that – carbs are banned; sugar is the devil incarnate; recipes are gluten-free (even when no indication of gluten intolerance or Coeliac’s disease); dairy is questioned; portions are tiny.
I start to get cross when I see this because I know that so many people read this information, absorb it and then apply it to themselves without question. They also start to compare their own food intake and body shape with that of the celeb and start to feel they fall short.  I have worked with enough people to understand that these food diaries described are likely to show a one dimensional view. Actually, what is not reported in the food diary?  Experience tells me that there is likely to be a possible darker side and fall-out from trying to be super-healthy. Do they ever binge? Are they thinking of food constantly? Are they happy with their weight?
Additionally, if most people on the street try to follow these plans, they are often not realistic and sustainable for people to adopt (shame about not having the personal chef!). They might not be conventional ‘diets’ as such; but really they are encouraging people to restrain their eating by missing out food groups. By eliminating food groups and labelling foods as good and bad introduces further emotional feelings towards food and can set you up for disordered eating and body image issues. As soon as you put your body in a state of deprivation, although you might sustain this for a period; down the line, be it in days, weeks or months, you are going to be obsessing about food; at risk of bingeing; possibly yo yo ing with your weight and thinking ‘why has it all gone wrong?’.
  1. Keep an open mind when reading magazines and websites. Is the regime presented a diet in disguise? 
  2. Eat a healthy, balanced diet eating foods from across the food groups and definitely leaning towards low G.I. foods; eating enough protein, vegetables and good fats.
  3. Most importantly, no food is forbidden. Ironically, you will probably eat more healthily when you are not fighting with foods and labelling them as good and bad. 

What do you think?  Have you a story to tell? Be brave, post below and share your own thoughts.
If you would like to get in touch about working with me to explore some of these issues further, I would love to hear from you. I am passionate about helping you to eat all the foods you love; and feel great about your body without disordered eating or dieting.
Best wishes
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No more diets and deprivation. Enjoy food whilst looking good and feeling great about your body shape.