Find peace with food and overcome disordered eating.
Eating Disorder Therapist
Overcome disordered eating and find peace with food
‘In the midst of winter, I found there was within me an invincible summer’. Albert Careb
About me
Hello! I’m Harriet Frew – psychological therapist and mother of three.

I am passionate about helping you overcome disordered eating and developing peace with food.

I have worked both in private practice and in an NHS specialist eating disorder service since 2003.

I also bring my personal experience of recovery from bulimia nervosa and have been fully recovered for many years.

I am a qualified BACP Accredited Counsellor and have a Masters in Nutrition and Diploma in Eating Disorders.

I am believe that recovery from an eating disorder is absolutely possible.. I embrace body positivity and Health At Every Size.
What advice do you suggest for someone reading this who is thinking of getting help for disordered eating?
  • You are more likely to recover and find new ways of coping if you access support early on. You might feel guilty or ashamed for having the problem. Keeping it secret will likely only drive it further underground and compound these negative feelings though.
  • You could initially speak to a trusted friend or family member. You might read some self-help material or visit the BEAT website.. You may think about counselling. 
  • Stay hopeful and persist in getting support. You don't have to be stuck with this forever. A life free from the shackles of using food to cope is a real possibility. 

Media information

  • Harriet Frew is a specialist counsellor supporting people to overcome disordered eating and find peace with food.
  • Harriet is a contributor to local BBC Radio, offering her experience and counselling expertise in this area.
  • Harriet has featured in Psychologies Magazine, Planet Mindful, Young and Mindful, Mail-Online, Star Magazine and Boots Health and Beauty Magazine.
  • Harriet writes a regular blog and also writes for and The Mighty and Selfish Mother.
  • Harriet has also worked on a voluntary basis with B-eat (Eating Disorders Association) on their Self-Help Network.
  • Harriet currently works for the NHS Adult Eating Disorder Service in Cambridge and in private practice.
About me
Find peace with food and overcome disordered eating.