Find peace with food and overcome disordered eating.
Food Freedom Coach
Overcome disordered eating and find peace with food

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Do you have a disordered relationship with food?

Are you caught in behaviours such as restrictive eating, over-exercising, binge eating, purging or eating in secret?

Do you have a poor relationship with your body?

Are you seeking to change this?

You have come to the right place! My new 12 week programme - 'Overcome disordered eating and find peace with food' lauches September 2020.


I am launching a 12 week programme to support you in changing your relationship with food forever.

My approach comes from extensive work with clients (since 2003), in supporting them to overcome disordered eating, both in the NHS and privately.

The programme gives a step by step approach that is tailored for you.

You will learn:

1) Why you are struggling with disordered eating.
2) Get motivated for change and understand your deepest values.
3) Work to establish a regular eating pattern and to permit yourself to eat ALL foods.
4) Root out destructive behaviours that are keeping disordered eating going.
5) Work on your thinking and develop a powerful recovery mindset.
6 ) Learn to manage your emotions effectively.
7) Improve body image.
8 ) Manage relapse and stay on track for the future.

You will take away a toolkit for recovery in your own personalised manual with tips, strategies and skills to refer to at any time.
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* 12 personal one-hour Skype sessions with me.

* Individual workbook with all the information and exercises to take away and keep.

* Closed Facebook group to get support and share information with others on the programme.(optional).

* Additional videos, articles and information, via the Facebook group or email (your preference).
Find peace with food and overcome disordered eating.