No more diets and deprivation. Eat the foods you love and have a great body image.
Rethink your body
To get the freedom to live the life you want

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I support people to have a healthy relationship with food and a great body image. 
I also offer training for counsellors and other mental health professionals.
I don't believe in diets of deprivation, but instead: -
  • Eating healthily to nourish your body so it can function optimally.
  • Being able to eat ONE cake or biscuit without demolishing several more.
  • Finding a healthy weight for you as you tune into what your body needs.
  • Stopping the starving, bingeing, dieting, over-exercising, obsession with food all day long.
  • Letting go of irrational guilt around food.
  • Learning to love and respect your body.
  • Stopping binge eating.
  • Getting rid of purging.
  • Using exercise for optimal health rather than an obsession.
  • Understanding why you have developed problems with food.
  • Get in touch with your feelings and work with them, rather than against them.
  • Changing your thoughts for the better. 
  • Understanding who you are and your hopes and dreams for life.
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I am a BACP Accredited Counsellor and my passion and expertise is working with clients with eating disorders, eating problems and any kind of disordered eating. I have supported many clients with these issues over the past 16 years and I also bring my own personal experience of having had Bulimia and making a full recovery.  Today I am fortunate to enjoy a healthy and relaxed relationship with food and I would like this for you too.  Please do get in touch.

An eating problem can take over you life

  • Social eating is not a pleasure and can bring on much anxiety and fear about eating.
  • Every single day can carry so much secrecy and shame and you might feel helpless to find a way out.

It does not have to be this way anymore

  • If you have an eating problem, you will understand only too well how it can take over every area of your life, due to a constant preoccupation with food and your body image.
  • It can often prevent you from engaging fully in open and honest relationships.
  • Career and life opportunities can be jeopardised as time and energy focused on food limits you living to your full potential.

I can support you in breaking free

​​​​I can help. I offer counselling and transformational PROGRAMMES to help you break free from disordered eating so giving you the freedom to get your life back again. If you fed up with wasting your precious days with restricting, bingeing, body hating, self-loathing, obsession with weight and feeling constantly preoccupied with food, then you are in the right place to change this. Please get in touch today, I would love to hear from you and support you on your journey to recovery. You might also like to sign up to my weekly(ish) BLOG for free tips and information delivered to your inbox. 
​​​​Break free from poor body image; disordered eating; Anorexia; Bulimia; Binge Eating; emotional eating; food restriction; over-exercise; purging; can't stop thinking about food; orthorexia
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I am not taking on regular additional private clients at the moment. However, I am going to be offering BREAKTHROUGH DAYS in Cambridge and London very soon. If you like my approach, please do sign up for my blogs in the box below. 

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No more diets and deprivation. Enjoy food whilst looking good and feeling great about your body shape.