Find peace with food and overcome disordered eating.
Eating Disorder Therapist
Overcome disordered eating and find peace with food

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Hello! I'm Harriet Frew - a specialist counsellor supporting you to overcome disordered eating and find peace with food.

I believe that recovery from disordered eating is absolutely possible, whatever your diagnosis.  I have personally recovered from bulimia nervosa and have been happy and healthy for many years.

I believe that diets don't work and sadly lead to much misery and unhappiness. They are often a sticking plaster, covering over deeper issues of low self-worth. And they can trigger all kinds of unhelpful symptoms such as binge eating, compulsive exercise or purging behaviours.

I understand that 'healthy' does not equate with thinness and am a supporter of the body positive movement and Health At Every Size (HAES)..


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BREAKTHROUGH DAYS - intensive one-to-one sessions with me, helping you  to overhaul your relationship with food; root out disordered eating and learn the skills and strategies to make peace with food for good - available again from New Year 2021.

10 WEEK ONLINE PROGRAMME- STEPS TOWARDS INTUITIVE EATING - current course is full; available again in December 2020.

I also run training courses for counsellors in eating disorders and body image.

I work as a psychological therapist, for the Adult Eating Disorder Service in Cambridge.

Find peace with food and overcome disordered eating.